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Ask The Band

This forum is specifically for your questions for the band. You can ask us questions in general or about us individually. It can be about anything you like. When is our next release? How many bands have we all played in total? Why is poop brown? We promise to answer all questions so get crackin!

1605/20/2022 by Quergox

General Board

Hello Rock fans! We are Time and The Dragon. Feel free to use this board to talk about anything. Chicks, dicks, MUSIC, the band, other bands you like. BUT keep in mind - we're a cool bunch of people and very patient, but have no issue with kicking off and banning people we consider to be "assholes" or "spammers". None of that "cyber-bully" bullshit will be put up with here. Also, try not to...

211/16/2012 by Jo