Time and The Dragon Interview Dan Welby

June 7, 2012 Time and The Dragon sat down with the one and only Dan Welby.

Kalen: Dan, what makes you tick?
DW: Do I have to answer that?

Nick: Dan, what’s your favorite word?
DW: Boobies

Elysia: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
DW: Tom and Jerry

Jason: What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
DW: ...

Dan began to enjoy a Sundae...

Jo: So...
DW. It wasn’t me.

Kale: Welby, What is your greatest Regret?
DW: (Takes a long sip of his Cranberry soda water) I don’t have any

Editorial, we know that is a lie

Nick: What is your least favorite word? 
DW: Boobies

Jason: What age were you and who influenced you into playing the drums?
DW: 1, (leans forward) me.

Jo: Dan, up or down? 
DW: Yes.

Kalen: Anal no condom? Or blowjobs without any love?
DW: Anal...
Kalen: Oh so you want love?
DW: what? No!?
Kalen: Yes you do, you said so.
DW: Ooh, well yeah...

Nick: Dan what turns you on? 

DW: You. Yeah baby, I like ‘em white.

Jason: You goin to WeHo this weekend?
DW: With you?
Jason: I live there dude I’m there every weekend.
DW: I may be passing through...

Jo: That Ice Cream Sundae was delicious huh?
DW: Yeah it was fantastic. Fan...tastic.

Jason: What is Rhythm?
DW:The organization of sound and silence.