PSA from Time and The Dragon

Hi Everyone!

As many of our fans already know, we love to party. In fact it is our mantra to "play music loud and party hard". When it comes to drinking and having a good rowdy time, we are the pros.

Around this time of year, we get out quite a bit more, lots of Holiday-related booze, dancing too close, crazy wing adventures (look for our Wing Challenge from last winter to be posted soon!) And we indulge in a shot or ten.

BUT, as good, professional drinkers, we have some policies regarding our alcohol intake and what we do. Jo is particularly anal about this one, but the rest of us concur and we mean it when we say,

Don't Drink and Drive. PLEASE.

Especially because most of you are shit drivers as it is, don't give us more reason to wanna slap you.

Thanks! And check out our video >>>> Christmas PSA from Time and The Dragon

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